Let the World celebrate and honour your Quality Efforts 

The world 

wants to Honour and award You.. 

..and celebrate your creative/professional spirit. Show your community with pride your unique creation/strengths, be it a Website, App, Audio visual show, Film, Digital Ad, Logo design, Lifestyle gadget, handy utility, life changing product, service or a piece of art, story, poetry or a professional course. submit your Product making / Service process /art making process/ work culture video then our International panel of assessors will test, try & review and award you or your company with

an appreciation / rating Certificate, TROPHY , a badge of Honour and a Promotional video Honouring you & your brand.

Submit you creation and flaunt your 

World Quality Council AWARD 

to the world.

"Fly High with World Quality Council"


A trophy to celebrate your success and to show the world that your work is not ordinary. Your work is precious and the World Quality council recognises your endeavours.


A certificate of Excellence with star rating is not only a piece decoration but also document of your trusted quality & assurance. It will undoubtedly take your BRAND to a new level of success.

Honour Badge

A badge of honour which grants you access to exclusive parties and clubs of highly successful like minded people. This is a place where new business ideas take shape.

Award Programs

If you are an artisan, product manufacturer, creator, designer, coach, course creator, writer or a storyteller, program producer you can either participate in online learning workshop or quality improvement seminars, competitions and challenges and get a Grade/Level certification for yourself. We also award quality review and appreciation certificates, Annual Quality rating certificates, fellowships, study tours to extra ordinarily talented individuals.

Digital course / website designer's certification 

Video Production / Digital ad appreciation / review

Creative Craft assessment and appreciation

Artist ranking & appreciation 

Product review and certification 

Home stay or studio certification

Holistic Health service quality certification 

World QC plant care appreciation 

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