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The WORLD QC Award recognises members demonstrating High Quality endeavours in the field of commercial utility or it artistic expression or service for humans / nature / wild life / environment. The identification, training and sponsorship is intended to provide additional superiority in terms of work excellence. Thus promoting superior quality and helping service and products rise above mediocrity.

World QC team members study, assess and review various service sectors as well as products ranges from time to time and generate analysis reports from time to time. The World QC team and also conducts workshops and seminars to raise awareness for serious issues and invite suggestions from industry experts.

While there is no upper limit to the World QC memberships / rating awards, a target of approximately 20–30% of the active members is expected to act as active inspector or reviewer and help the council carryon rating/reviewing quality work. There is not a specified number limit for Award recipients in a given calendar year.


Nominees must be an active World QC member working at least for three years in the field before the year in which they are considered for eligibility. In the case of new affiliates or chapters that have become part of World QC, eligibility includes membership in these affiliates or chapters. This is an annual rating / recognition award therefore, the nominee is expected to continue the membership at least for three years to apply for grants and sponsorships. Nominees with less than 3 years of experience will not be considered.