About US

"World quality council" is an international community of quality inspectors belonging from all walks of life like photographers, artists, poets, writers, reviewers & critiques and would love to give a sincere and genuine attention to your creation, try to understand and appreciate your work. The world QC wants to AWARD and celebrate your High quality creative spirit.

Here on the platform of "World Quality Council" we will use, understand it's complexity, feel and review products, service, piece of art  or anything for which a creator needs a genuine feedback, reaction or review. We will rank, certify and award the product on a scale of 1 to 10 stars. We will also create user's experience and review video showcasing the products or services which will help the product or brand to become a reliable and trusted BRAND.

World QC community intends to help and motivate the creators from all over the world raise their quality of work and service and we extend our help by the means of sponsorships and bring such individuals to main stream by boosting their social media presence. Thus helping them become a brand or an known and established personality.